Lawn Restoration Services in Minneapolis

A deteriorating lawn not only detracts from the look of your home, but also the value of it. Rainbow Lawncare’s lawn restoration services are designed to correct a problematic lawn from the soil up. 

Your lawn restoration program is personalized to your yard’s unique situation, goals, and the growing conditions in our Minnesota region. With our step-by-step program, you can achieve a beautiful and naturally sustainable lawn. Schedule your Lawn Restoration Service consultation with one of our experts today!

lawn care consultant speaking with homeowner while pointing to lawn
before and after picture of lawn restoration service with hydroseeding results, left showing bare soil and right showing lush green grass

What can you expect from our lawn restoration service?

The first step in any restoration program is to do a thorough analysis of your lawn’s unique environment, including:

  • Sun and shade exposure
  • Drainage issues
  • Traffic/usage patterns
  • Additional landscape plantings
  • Maintenance expectations
  • Desired aesthetics
  • Your lawn’s unique soil biology

Next, one of our lawn experts will build a Lawn Restoration Program personalized to your Minnesota lawn’s unique condition and your goals. Our lawn restoration service is unique to each job, but typically includes a combination of topsoil, aeration, and slit seeding or over seeding. 

  • Aerating your lawn will benefit the overall health of your turf by reducing soil compaction, improving fertilizer uptake, enhancing the breakdown of thatch, and building a stronger, more self-sufficient root system. 
  • Slit-seeding is a mechanical process that cuts channels into the soil about ¼” deep, which helps the seed fall into channels. The combination of these two services agitates the soil and creates great seed to soil contact, improving germination time and rates. 
  • Evaluation and selection of the best grass blends for your lawn’s unique situation.
  • Soil amendments and topsoil when necessary.

Additionally, a maintenance program with regular fertilization (with or without weed control) will support your newly restored lawn!

Why choose the experts from Rainbow Lawncare?

You can expect trained professionals to deliver outstanding service from phone representative to technician. Our lawn consultants have degrees in turf management or agriculture, and our technicians have the proper licenses and are passionate about their work. Additionally, we use only the highest quality products available for lawn care. Most importantly, we understand that all lawns are different, and you deserve a plan that fits your needs.

Additional frequently asked questions about lawn restoration

The ease and success of restoring your lawn to its former glory depends on the current state of your lawn. This will determine the amount of time you have available and the amount of money you will need to invest in the equipment necessary, which can quickly become expensive and difficult to maintain. For lawns needing turf removal, or leveling to correct draining issues, or other major restoration, the time, money, and equipment required make this a project best left to the professionals!

If ongoing maintenance such as weed control, fertilization, and overseeding isn’t correcting your current problems, your lawn may benefit from restoration. Lawn restoration can fix the following issues:

  • Weeds
  • Bare spots
  • Thin turf
  • Poor grass growth
  • Bumpy lawns
  • Compacted soil
  • Disease/insect issues
  • Soil nutrient deficiencies

Schedule your lawn restoration consultation today!

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