Lawn Weed Control Services in Minneapolis

Weeds are the number one problem in Minnesota lawns. These pesky plants not only disrupt the aesthetics of your yard, but some weeds are quite challenging to eliminate. Different weeds require different treatments–whether you’re looking to control weed growth or remove them entirely. Don’t let weeds take over and ruin your lawn. Schedule your lawn weed control service today!

dandelion weed ready to seed from otherwise weed free lawn
Kids playing with their dog on a weed free lawn

What can you expect from our expert weed control service?

A Rainbow Lawncare professional will correctly identify your lawn weeds and provide the best solution personalized for your lawn’s weed situation and your goals. Our weed management is different than most offered by other lawn companies, as we apply weed control separately from fertilizer and only spray where the weeds grow. This dramatically reduces the amount of product used and is safer for your kids, pets, and plants.

Weed control is most often combined with our premium fertilizer program, which includes expertly timed fertilizer and weed control applications. Our experts know that proper weed control is essential to providing you with a lush, healthy lawn. Additionally, customers on a program with 4 or more applications per season receive free weed control call-backs if there are weeds between our visits! 

Included in Rainbow's Premium Fertilizer & Weed Control Program

  • Early spring fertilizer (controlled release over 90 – 120 days) along with pre-emergent and spot weed control
  • Late spring weed control application
  • Summer weed control application
  • Early fall fertilizer and spot weed control
  • Late fall fertilizer and spot weed control
  • Premium program customers receive free weed control call-backs if you have weeds in between our visits!

If you have a large number of weeds in your yard, it can take more than one application, along with services such as aeration and overseeding, to promote natural weed defense. Our experts create a weed control plan based on the types of weeds most prevalent in your yard. Visit our educational page to read more about common weeds in the Minneapolis & St. Paul metro!

Why choose the experts from Rainbow Lawncare?

You can expect trained professionals to deliver outstanding service from phone representative to technician. Our lawn consultants have degrees in turf management or agriculture, and our technicians have the proper licenses and are passionate about their work. Additionally, we use only the highest quality products available for lawn care. Most importantly, we understand that all lawns are different, and you deserve a plan that fits your needs.

Additional frequently asked questions about weed control

The occasional weed in your yard requires little more than digging it out of the ground. However, a yard overrun with weeds, especially hard-to-get-rid-of weeds such as Creeping Charlie, may require more than an afternoon of hand weeding or a quick spray of a store-bought weed killer. Using too much product can negatively affect other plants in your yard. Expert weed control can eliminate invasive weeds while promoting healthy, desired vegetation in your yard.

Lawn companies that promise 100% weed control achieve this by coating your entire yard with herbicides multiple times a year. A 90-95% weed-free lawn is a healthier and more achievable standard for your lawn. Weed control combined with regular lawn maintenance, including fertilization and aeration with overseeding, will build a lawn with natural weed resistance!

Most herbicides used for weed control in lawns are designed to kill broadleaf plants. Your trees and shrubs are broadleaf plants. Weeds are symptomatic of deeper problems within the lawn and soil. The best way to control weeds is to maintain a healthy, dense turf. This is done by improving the soil condition, applying quality granular fertilizer, and employing proper lawn mowing and lawn watering practices.

Schedule your weed control service today!

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