Lawn Seeding Services in Minneapolis

No lawn service program is complete without a seeding solution to build or maintain thick grass! Whether you want to establish a new lawn or revitalize your existing one, Rainbow Lawncare leads the competition in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.

Our experts will inspect the conditions in your yard and develop the best seeding program to help you get the lawn of your dreams. Starting “from scratch” or trying to restore a severely barren lawn? We can combine solutions to create your perfect lawn. We have the widest selection of seeding methods and grass types, so that you can expect great results!

lawn seeding service being applied by walk behind overseeding equipment

What can you expect from our seeding service?

Rainbow Lawncare offers a variety of seeding solutions personalized to the unique needs of your Minnesota lawn. Any of our lawn planting services can be designed to meet your personal goals for your yard. When deciding what type of seed to use and the application method, our experts consider the overall condition of your lawn, light exposure, traffic patterns, and your budget.

Seeding solutions vary based on the needs of your lawn. One of our local experts will recommend the best lawn seeding service for your Minnesota lawn, which may include: 

  • Overseeding, which is often done in conjunction with aeration, creates a thick lawn that helps with weed control.
  • Slit-seeding is a mechanical process that cuts channels into the soil about 1/4″ deep, which helps the seeds fall into channels. The agitation of the soil creates seed to soil contact, improving germination time and rates.
  • Hydroseeding is a great way to establish a lawn without the high costs of sodding and the inconsistent results that often occur with traditional seeding.

Specialty seeding blends that provide benefits beyond traditional turfgrass:

green lawn in front of suburban home on a sunny day

Drought-tolerant turf-type tall fescue: 

Like the look of a traditional lawn, but desire less maintenance? With turf-type tall fescue, you can expect a lawn that looks like bluegrass but requires less water. We can add fescue to your existing lawn to help it handle drought conditions better. For maximum drought tolerance, we recommend a complete replacement of your current turf. Once your turf-type tall-fescue grass is established, you will have a drought-tolerant lawn that also requires less fertilizer to maintain.

green no mow fescue lawn with grass folding over

No-mow fine fescue: 

Are you looking for a healthy, green lawn but tired of weekly mowing? We can replace your current lawn with a no-mow fine fescue blend for an almost maintenance-free option. Once established, our fine fescue blend grows to a maximum height of 6-10” and will lie down, giving it a natural look that can go without mowing for the entire season. You also get the added benefit of drought-tolerant grass, which naturally crowds out and prevents weeds.

bumblebee pollinating little yellow flower amongst green grass

Bee lawn: 

Whether you want to dedicate all or part of your yard to a bee lawn, bee lawns are a great option if you are committed to their positive impact and enjoy the appearance of a non-traditional lawn. 

Read more about our bee lawn service.

Why choose the experts from Rainbow Lawncare?

Using traditional do-it-yourself overseeding or sod methods may seem convenient–but the cost and results can vary greatly, leading to wasted money and time. Determining which seeding method and seed variety will give you the best results can be more challenging than it seems. With Rainbow Lawncare’s professional lawn seeding service, you’ll get great results without the headache.

Additional frequently asked questions about lawn seeding

  • Hydroseeding is a great way to establish a lawn without the high costs of sodding and the inconsistent results that often occur with traditional seeding.
  • Overseeding, especially in combination with aeration, creates a thick lawn that helps with weed control.
  • Slit-seeding uses closely spaced vertical cutting blades or discs to create a slit in the turf where seeds are placed.
  • Sod, while not a seeding method, is best for extensive lawn restoration needs or when there is a tight timeline, such as needing an established lawn for a special event.
  • Filling in thin or bare spots, which also acts as natural weed control by crowding weeds out.
  • Seeding methods like hydroseeding, overseeding, or slit seeding, develop a deep root structure, resulting in a more drought-tolerant lawn than traditional sod.
  • Using professional lawn seeding to introduce new varieties of grass to older lawns in the Twin Cities area. Many of these new grass varieties are more drought-tolerant and disease resistant than the existing grass.
  • Establishing a specialty lawn such as a pollinator lawn or no-mow lawn.

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