Lawn Sod Services in Minneapolis

Sod is one of the few living landscape features that can be instantly gratifying. As soon as sod is installed, it looks, well, perfect! There is no need to wait for seed to be established or for bare spots to fill in with a lawn sodding service. 

Rainbow Lawncare is proud to offer a wide array of sod services in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. Our experts can help you determine which solution is best for your property based on your budget, your goals, and the unique characteristics of your Minnesota yard.

lawn care technician applying sod service to bare soil
before and after lawn service left image showing bare soil and play house, right image with green lawn after sod application

What can you expect from our sod service?

We can remove your existing lawn and install new sod, install new sod on bare ground, or a combination of both. Our sod service team will level the ground, bring in new soil if necessary, and install new sod. We also provide you with detailed follow-up instructions with watering guidelines to ensure your sod looks its best. We even have the professional experience and the equipment needed to accomplish large jobs by installing “Big Roll” sod!

Why choose the experts from Rainbow Lawncare?

You can expect trained professionals to deliver outstanding service from phone representative to technician. Our lawn consultants have degrees in turf management or agriculture, and our technicians have the proper licenses and are passionate about their work. 

Our knowledgeable sod experts use high-quality sod and will leave you with a new lawn you can be proud of. We handle all of the dirty work and set you up for success. Watering your new sod regularly after installation is critical to ensuring it thrives. Our experts recommend making sure newly laid sod stays damp for the first 10-14 days after your sod services.

Additional frequently asked questions about sod installation

Insufficient watering is the number one reason that new sod fails. If the sod dries out, it shrinks and creates seams that are tough to fix, resulting in an uneven lawn. It’s essential to ensure the sod is soaked soon after the installation, and we recommend watering 2-3 times per day for the first 7-14 days after your sod services to ensure the sod roots are well-established. Watering during the daytime is also very important, and hotter temperatures may require more water. The first mowing should happen approximately two weeks after installation.

One of the most significant advantages of sod is the speed and ease with which any yard can be transformed from bare or neglected to being covered with a lush, green carpet. If you have a special event such as an outdoor graduation party or wedding, sod services allow you to have your yard picture-perfect in time for the event. In cases where other seeding solutions might be a better fit, our experts can help you make the best decision. To determine which type of lawn planting is best for you, our experts will consider the following:

  • Your timeline and budget
  • Site conditions such as light exposure, traffic patterns, and micro-climates
  • Goals for your property

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