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Quality and professional service at lower prices than nation-wide brands. I use them for trees, lawn care, and pest care, and all are very easy to work with and good values.

Sloan Smith
Sloan S.

Always great, reliable service! They walked me through each service and their recommendations for my lawn and trees. I appreciate their obvious expertise and detailed explanations. They always notify me when service is about to be performed, and then follow up with a notice after it is complete, so I don’t have to worry about anything. Super helpful and a very reasonable cost.

Robert & Melody Merchang
Robert & Melody M.

We had Chris aerate our lawn yesterday. He was kind enough to text us 10 minutes before he arrived, so that I could alert him to my neighbor’s irrigation heads and a problem corner of our yard. Thanks to him and Rainbow for another good aeration job!

Sandra Baldassare
Sandra B.

The lawn looks good, still quite a few dandelions and clover-both kinds.The check is in the mail! Thanks, Ann Canis and please correct the spelling of our last name.

marty marty
marty M.

Had the double pass lawn aeration performed. Excellent job. They even did the easement between our place and the neighbor’s. Definitely exceeded expectations!

Thomas K. Guthrie
Thomas K. G.

Rainbow Lawncare makes my lawn look awesome!

Nikolay Raykov
Nikolay R.

Very courteous tech who let us know why he was at our address today. All applications made per contract. One issue is the fertilizer over spray left on hard surfaces which I swept off as much as possible. Would like to see tight spaces near city drains, sidewalks and patios treated with a more strategic application.

Doug Schumacher
Doug S.

They hydroseeded my front lawn and it looks great … and at a fair price. After horrible service from a Burnsville lawn company that rhymes with Crop Voice, now I’m paying Rainbow to fertilize my lawn. My neighbors don’t stand a chance … best lawn on the block. Worth the money.

Nick Ferraro
Nick F.

Jack and Micki, you are wonderful! Thank you for your attention to detail installing our Holiday lights. They are beautiful! Many thanks from both my husband and me.

Shawn Rockler
Shawn R.

When I spoke with Customer Service on 10/4/18, I requested thatTechnician speak with me before applying the weed control material.When he arrived he started the fertilizer and weed control applications,but he did not speak with me first. I ran out to meet him and asked ifhe had been instructed to contact me first, and he replied that he hadnot been given those instructions. Fortunately, I caught him in timeto show him an area where I will be reseeding and did not want weedcontrol spray applied. If I had not heard him, I would not have beenable to reseed as I had planned. Outside of this communication lapse,the Technician did his usual good job. If the communication piece hadgone as intended I would have given the service a 5 rating. My concernis that communication glitches like this one have occurred previously,indicating a systemic issue exists.

Gordon Jonasson
Gordon J.

Moved into a new house with a lawn that needed some major work. Fantastic service and helped get our yard into shape this summer/fall. Will absolutely keep coming back for weed treatments and any other services that may pop up. Also used Rainbow Treecare for some small stump removal. They were also fantastic. Can’t say enough nice things about this company.

Emily Becker
Emily B.

Rainbow has always been our go to company for all of our exterior yard projects. They are very professional and knowledgeable about all the services they offer. We have had great results going with thee recommendations and help from Rainbow Lawn Care & Tree Care.

Justin Bigham
Justin B.

Very happy with Rainbow Lawncare. We only had them for one summer but saw a big improvement and had one of the best yards in the neighborhood. We sold our house and moved to a different city but left the yard in great condition for the new owners.

David Wolff
David W.

Great customer service, prompt and complete. Highly recommended.

Richard Wahlstrom
Richard W.

I’ve used Rainbow Lawncare for a couple years now and they have always been great. They’ve handled fertilizing the lawn as well as spot weed control and crab grass control. We’ve had them aerate the lawn a couple times as well. Very shortly we will be working with them to convert our backyard into a ‘pollinator friendly lawn’. They’ve been great with answering all my questions and always provide top notch service. Their technicians are always knowledgeable and friendly and we plan on continuing to work with them for the foreseeable future.

Ryan Plunkett
Ryan P.

Rainbow Lawncare came out and aerated and overseeded my lawn. The process for scheduling and payment was easy. Communication with office staff and scheduling was great and they responded quickly. Would definitely recommend!

Thomas Kent
Thomas K.

I’ve used Rainbow Lawncare for several years and have always been pleased with their service and results. They are always willing to come out and assess any issues or recommendations for service.

Randy Erickson
Randy E.

Rainbow did our house lights for the holidays and they were fantastic. Our house was beautifully lit and looked great for the holidays!Customer service was great and they delivered on everything promised.

Geoff Spades
Geoff S.

Excellent communication about upcoming services (so we know what to expect when) and great follow-up afterwards. Our lawn has never looked better.

Lucia McLaren
Lucia M.

A job well done by Michael. He answered my questions and completed the work as requested. He gave good customer service.

Tom Neiman
Tom N.

I was impressed that they walk the talk. Even when you question something in lawn care they give you the answer and right away fix the issue. Totally satisfied

Tom Parker
Tom P.

Fast and friendly service. Great work done!

Rachel Goodier
Rachel G.

Best our lawn has ever looked! Rainbow Lawncare is extremely professional and communicates very effectively. Highly recommended.

Joseph Clark
Joseph C.

About a week ago, Rainbow Lawncare came and aerated my yard. Perry did the work. He’s a nice, conscientious young guy who did a thorough job. I just finished fertilizing and overseeding my yard, and I could tell that he had been all over the yard with his aeration machine. I’d certainly use Rainbow’s services again. And by the way, I felt that the cost of the aeration job was very reasonable. Mike Stephenson, Brooklyn Center

Kathy Stephenson
Kathy S.

Top-notch customer service, very responsive to questions and evolving w the times: Pay online now available, as well as text alerts. And when needed, I can always talk to a live person at the office! Very satisfied customer!

Audrey Gingerick
Audrey G.

The lawn care team helped me make adjustments to my service that support my future lawn plans and desire for organic products. All communications have been friendly and professional, and responses to my questions have been very quick. The support and servicefeels “personal”. I’m very happy with Rainbow.

stephanie hendrickson
stephanie H.

Had a great experience dealing with Rainbow. Very pleasant and knowledgeable people. I will definitely recommend them to anyone that wants hydro seeding done.

William Keller
William K.

Kareem Scanterbury did a thorough job of spreading the weed killer. He was very kind, and gave me advice on how long to wait to put on my grass seed.

Marlys Gregory
Marlys G.

Technicians are knowledgable and professional. They show up and get the job done. I feel like the company does what it says it will do. The communication is good with Rainbow lawncare.

thomas bryant
thomas B.

All their employees are courteous and the text notifications on when they are coming helps know to pick up toys etc out of yard.

Aaron Berglund
Aaron B.

I am a Rainbow Lanwcare customer for our seasonal lawn care needs, and I’m always happy with their services.Today, they helped us bring our backyard to life by adding a layer of topsoil and hydro-seeding. The end-result is looking amazing! In few weeks, our backyard will be all nice & green – thanks Rainbow Lawncare!

Ramesh Singh
Ramesh S.

Rainbow Lawncare has done a wonderful job servicing my lawn this year. I had previously used another company for years, and this year decided to make the switch to organic lawn care. I have a beautiful lawn without all the chemicals. I recently had my lawn aerated and over seeded. The tech was very careful to cover the entire lawn and took care to not hit my sprinkler heads. I will be using Rainbow Lawn Care again next year.

Joan Bonello
Joan B.

I got a season organic and weed package. Communication was great, tech was careful and precise with weed control. I have fertilized my own lawn before. But it looks 10 times better after only two applications and really knocked back the creeping stuff. Thanks!

Brenda Merrill
Brenda M.

We used Rainbow for lawn repair/renovation which included adding topsoil, aeration, slitseeding and hydroseeding. All employees (Ryan – field rep, Mary – scheduling, Matt, Ben and others – seeding crew) were knowledgeable, professional, helpful and courteous. I highly recommend them for lawn care needs.

Joan Gonzalez
Joan G.

Very happy with service. I do wish the employee had called or knocked on the door to let me know he had arrived. We scared the beejeezuz out of each other in the back yard.

Joan Kloiber
Joan K.

I bought my house 10 years ago. The first 6 years I chose to not have a lawn service. In the last 4 years I have had Rainbow Lawn Care for 3 out of the 4, and I chose to go back to Rainbow after trying out another company. My yard just looks the best with Rainbow taking care of my yard. The grass is full, and there are zero weeds!! I love the way it looks and I get many compliments from my neighbors. I’m extremely happy with their product and attention to detail. I’m a customer for life.Corwin K.

Corwin Knight
Corwin K.

I use Rainbow for my lawn, pest and tree care. I have been a customer since I purchased my home in 2014, and they have yet to disappoint. It is easy for me to recommend the Rainbow team to my real estate clients as well, because I know they do a great job, use the right products and chemicals, all at a reasonable price.

Phil Simonson
Phil S.

The Perfect Lawn

Your lawn is the welcome mat to your home. While most companies only offer a one-size fits all fertilization and weed control package, we offer a variety of lawn types so you can choose the perfect lawn for your home and personality. Whether you are looking for a weed-free, organic, no-mow, or even bee-friendly lawn, you will find your perfect lawn with Rainbow Lawncare!

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