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Your Perfect Lawn

Weed-free, Organic, and Bee-friendly

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Lawn Care Service for the Minneapolis Area

Lawn care service is never a one size fits all. Our fully licensed technicians take a holistic approach to identifying your Minnesota lawn care needs. They consider multiple factors to determine whether you are in need of fertilization, hydroseeding, aeration or disease control. Work with our local experts who will take the guesswork out of your lawn care. Learn More

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The Perfect Lawn

Your lawn is the welcome mat to your home. While most companies only offer a one-size fits all fertilization and weed control package, we offer a variety of lawn types so you can choose the perfect lawn for your home and personality. Whether you are looking for a weed-free, organic, no-mow, or even bee-friendly lawn, you will find your perfect lawn with Rainbow Lawncare!

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