Bee Lawn Service in Minneapolis

Are you looking for a positive way to impact pollinators? Rainbow Lawncare is the only company offering a bee lawn service designed to benefit pollinators in the Twin Cities! We are applying the extensive research done by the University of Minnesota Bee Lab to your backyard.

You choose how much of your yard to dedicate to the preservation of pollinators. Our solution includes a fescue and flower seed mix designed to attract pollinators to your lawn.

bumblebee pollinating little yellow flower amongst green grass
a bee lawn service that provided self heal, micro clover, and creeping thyme mixed in lawn with grass

What can you expect from our bee lawn service?

In most cases, one of our experts can overseed your lawn with a custom blend of grass and flowering perennials. Our bee lawn blend is customized for our Minnesota growing conditions and attracts pollinators to your yard. Keep in mind that many plants that people perceive as weeds actually benefit pollinators and help create a bee-friendly lawn.

It will take a few growing seasons to see the full impact of your bee lawn. The flowering plants that are part of a bee lawn take a couple of years to establish and do not flower in their first year. The patience and reward of a bee lawn’s beauty are worth the wait!

Because a bee lawn’s appearance differs significantly from traditional lawns, you may choose to dedicate only a portion of your lawn to this solution. Bee lawns are a great option if you are committed to their positive impact and enjoy the appearance of a non-traditional lawn.

Why choose the experts from Rainbow Lawncare?

You can expect trained professionals to deliver outstanding service from phone representative to technician. Our lawn consultants have degrees in turf management or agriculture, and our technicians have the proper licenses and are passionate about their work. Additionally, we use only the highest quality products available for lawn care. Most importantly, we understand that all lawns are different, and you deserve a plan that fits your needs.

Additional frequently asked questions about bee lawns:

Depending on the weeds present at seeding, you will still have those weeds, and others can move in over time. The customized seeding blend we use to attract pollinators contains flowering perennials that some people may consider to be weeds. Many common perennial plants in Minneapolis lawns benefit pollinators, and we include some of these in our customized mix that is ideal for our growing conditions. White clover attracts over 50 pollinators and is one example of a beneficial weed.

The bee lawn program is a package deal that covers all needed services for the first season. The first year of service is the most significant investment, and once established, maintenance is equal to or less than a traditional lawn.

Fertilizing any lawn will help improve the overall health of the soil and plants, and bee lawns are no exception. Rainbow offers an organic fertilization service with no pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic products to compliment your bee lawn.

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