Save $50 on Your 2024 Lawn Care

Rainbow Lawncare offers fertilization and weed control packages with timed applications designed for Minnesota’s growing season. As a new customer, if you sign up for a 2024 lawn program by May 31st you save $50!*

Choose from our premium lawn fertilizer program, which uses the cutting-edge technology of controlled release fertilizer or fully organic fertilizer program. Both can be combined with our expert weed control.

*New customers save $50 on a lawn care program of 5 applications. Offer expires May 31, 2024.

green lawn in front of suburban home on a sunny day

Get an Estimate

Fill out the form below or call 952-922-3810

*$50 discount for new customers on a full lawn care program of 5 applications. Offer expires 5/31/24.


Fertilizer & Weed Control Includes:
  • Early spring fertilizer* & pre-emergent weed control
  • Late spring weed control
  • Summer weed control
  • Early fall fertilizer & weed control
  • Late fall fertilizer & weed control
  • Free weed control call-backs!

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